Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about Nido? We've put together some answers to what might be on your mind. However, if you can't find a question you were looking for don't hesitate to contact us at Our team will happily answer any questions you may have.

Cancellation of lease agreement in a case of pandemic

If after the conclusion of the lease agreement any of the following situations should occur affecting the period for which you entered into the lease agreement, we are willing to cancel the lease agreement with you:

  • Official prohibition of entry into the country of the place of study due to a pandemic situation;
  • Official prohibition of exit from the country of your domicile due to a pandemic situation;
  • Existence of a quarantine situation affecting the booked students’ hostel/dormitory;
  • Cancellation of the semester at the university at which you enrolled due to the pandemic situation.

Once it is foreseeable that you will be affected by any of the situations above during your lease period, it will be required that you inform us immediately and express your request for the cancellation of the agreement.

As a rule, a cancellation of the agreement will only be made subject to our assessment of the existence of a cause for cancellation if you inform us in this respect no later than within two weeks prior to the beginning of the affected semester after you became aware of such situation.

The claim for cancellation of the agreement is effective only if based on applicable legal regulations. In case of cancellation of the lease agreement, we will refund to you payments already made such as rent and security deposit for the affected period.There will be no refund of reservation fees.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at any of our Nido residences.

We are working to improve the internet speed in all Nido residences across Germany, at the moment the speed is different in each residence so please ask the local team of the residence you’re interested in.

Simply contact the studio team and they will be happy to help you.

The minimum rental period is 6 months. We regret that we cannot offer rental contracts with a term of less than 6 months (except for Lilienthal Studios in Bremen).

No, in order to book with us at Nido Student we provide certain opportunities. We would need a proof that you are enrolled in an educational institution (university, university of applied science, apprenticeship, language school, etc.), you can also live with us as an intern.

We also offer certain room categories to young professionals at some of our locations, where you can move in if you provide a proof of employment. These categories can be found on our website.

Here you can find our sample leasing agreements for:


Young Professionals

No, unfortunately not, but please contact our local studio team if you have any questions about how to get to the residence.

Depending on the location, there are bicycle parking spaces in the underground car park or outside, if available, bike racks are listed under ‘what’s included’ on the residence page, please contact the studio team for more information on parking.

Depending on the location you will find different bike rental companies. In Bremen, Kiel and Berlin e.g.

Yes, if you are not at home, the Nido team is happy to accept your parcels and you can pick them up during office hours. Please let the team know beforehand.

Our five-step booking process is easy:

  1. Select if you are a student or young professional
  2. Find the room you want to book
  3. Register your details
  4. Read and sign the rental contract
  5. Pay your deposit to secure your room!

Please follow all detailed instructions during the online booking process.

Here you can find instructions to be fully prepared for our online booking process:

Instructions – Online Booking

Our booking process is available online via our website: The steps to get you to booking confirmed are as follows:

  • Choose your room, term length & register your contact details with us on the Nido Portal (StarRez)
  • Provide all requested documents by electronically uploading them to the portal (copy of ID/Passport and proof of studies/employment/etc.)
  • Electronically sign your lease agreement
  • Complete your payment for deposit and reservation fee

If you have completed all these steps, a member of the team will then review your application. At this point, they will either send a booking confirmation e-mail to you or send you further information on what to do next. If you do not receive either a booking confirmation or a response to your application within 72 hours, please get in touch. If you receive a booking confirmation, your room is secured and you do not need to do anything else.

Please check your junk mail, sometimes our e-mails end up in there.

Our rental periods at Nido are either 6 months or 12 months, after which you can always rebook and sign a new contract if there is a room available.

The house rules are part of the tenancy agreement. It is normally attached to the contract. The studio team will be happy to give you a copy.

After booking with us, you have the right to cancel the rental agreement within 14 days. This must be done by email or post, after which time your booking cannot be cancelled.

The all-inclusive rent includes costs for water, electricity, heating, and the internet.

No, the amounts must be paid via bank transfer. You will find the bank details for the payment of the rent and deposit in the rental agreement as well as in an email sent through our online Nido Student portal during the booking process.

Before you move in, we require a deposit of 1 month’ rent. You’ll get this back after you move out, if your apartment has been kept in good condition.


Additionally we charge a one-time reservation fee for any room booking.

You’ll also have to pay your broadcasting fee (known as “GEZ-Gebühren”). On the day you move in, we will give you a brochure with information about this contribution. Further information can be found here: 

The “Rundfunkbeitrag” also known as “GEZ Gebühr” must be paid by each tenant. The “Rundfunkbeitrag” is not included in the all-in rent. It is the fee that is incurred for the use of public service broadcasting. Currently (2019), the fee is 17,50 € per month.

You should send us a proof of payment for your first rent, the reservation fee and your deposit within the first 48 hours after you have finished the booking process. (The first month’s rent can also be paid afterwards, however 7 days prior your lease agreement starts.)

Please, be aware that we have two different bank accounts.

The rent must be paid in advance via Direct Debit transfer at the latest on the 3rd working day of the beginning month. You can finish the procedure for the direct debit transfer during the booking process or afterwards in your Nido portal.

Your studio team will provide you with the registration form/lessor’s confirmation after you move in.

Please bring the payment receipts for the first rental, the reservation fee and the deposit, your lease agreement as well as a valid ID document (identity card or passport).

Once you’ve found your perfect room, to secure it with us you only need to pay the one-time registration fee and a refundable deposit. The deposit value will be equivalent to one month’s rent, so the amount will vary depending on your preferred room. The remaining rental fees for your stay are then divided into monthly payments, the first of which will need to be paid before you check in.

Every citizen must register at his or her place of residence.

That’s a law and must be done within 3 days of the actual move-in date (not after finalizing the rental contract). You can be registered in any civil registration office, regardless of the district in which you reside. Your house manager will provide you with the registration form/lessor’s confirmation after you move in.

No, when you are packing to move into your Nido residence you will need to pack your own linen, duvet, pillows, towels and kitchen crockery, pans, pots etc.

Own kitchens and common kitchens are rented without additional equipment (i.e. without crockery, cutlery etc.). We provide you with the main electrical appliances. (e.g. refrigerator, stove…).